Goslings Gold Seal Rum


The newest edition of the award-winning Goslings family of rums, this premium Gold Seal Rum is delicious and complex like its dark, ultra-rich cousin, Black Seal Rum. Delicious neat (like a youthful single malt), enjoy on the rocks, as a shot, or this luscious golden rum elevates any cocktail mixed with juices or soda. The best distillates from Continuous Stills and Pot Stills are aged independently and combined to produce Goslings Gold Seal Rum in Bermuda. Created using time-honored blending techniques and secret methods handed down over generations of the Gosling family, this luscious rum offers a well-balanced and complex taste with a brilliant amber glow. Gold Seal highlights the rich flavors of the pot still with the elegance of the continuous still in perfect harmony. With just the right amount of oak aging in select once used American White Oak Bourbon Barrels, Goslings Gold Seal is an extremely versatile rum.

Tasting Notes

Intense butterscotch aroma with floral hints and traces of vanilla. Initial sweetness leads to complex caramel flavors and layers of spice.

ABV / Proof
40% / 80